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Is your TravelScoot acting up? Please follow these steps, in order, to troubleshoot the cause of your issue. Situations 1 and 2 are for the ULW (Escape and Cruiser) and HD models (Deluxe Hub-drive and Shoppers). Situation 3 is for Belt-drive scooters only.

Situation 1 - No lights on the scooter

  • Check the battery

    • Is it plugged in?

    • Is it plugged in all the way?

    • If you see lights on your throttle, skip to step 3.

  • Charge the battery

    • If the battery is good

      • Two solid red lights means the battery is charging normally.

      • One red and one green means that the battery is fully charged (unless the battery is fully dead).

      • Flashing lights indicates something is wrong with either the battery or the charger. 

        • If the battery charger is dead, the battery is most likely dead also.

        • If the charger is okay, then either the circuit board, fuse, or a cell in your battery is not good and will need to be serviced by TravelScoot.

    • If you need to test the battery's voltage, click here. In order for the scooter to function, the battery will need at least 25.5 volts.
  • Still no lights? Move on to Situation 2

Situation 2 - Battery is good but scooter still won’t work. Note: always disconnect the battery when working on the electrical components of the TravelScoot.

  • Check the Junction Box

    • The J-Box is located behind the front wheel.
    • Remove the cover (Deluxe version only). Note: Removal of the Junction Box is NOT necessary for the Escape/Cruiser. The wires are accessible from the back. Slightly pull on the controller wire and the throttle and on/off connections will appear. You may need to cut the tie wrap closest to the junction area first.
    • Disconnect the throttle and on/off assembly from the controller.

    • Check for corrosion. If present, clean and lubricate.

    • Reconnect firmly and check for power again.

  • Cut the tie wraps on the steering column and check for intermittent issues.

    • If your scooter works sometimes, especially if you turn the steering column a certain way, this is most likely the reason. 

    • Separate the throttle and the on/off assembly.

    • Plug in the battery and turn on the scooter.

    • Beginning from the top of the on/off assembly, take a one-inch section and move it around in circles, working your way down until the wires insert into the junction box.

    • Repeat with the throttle.

    • Have a partner engage the throttle during this process if you have lights already on the scooter. If the scooter moves, then you’ve found the location in the wire that is bad. If you don’t have lights, no need for a partner. If the scooter turns on then you’ve found the issue. From there, if the scooter lights are on and still won’t function, then you either have two bad/damaged components or your controller may be the issue.

  • Check the controller (Escape version, Deluxe version)

    • With the scooter off and the battery plugged in, tip the scooter on its right side. 

      • Rotate the left wheel by hand and check for a cog-type feel. You will feel resistance naturally but it will be smooth.

      • Unplug the battery and controller and feel for a smoother rotation. If you can feel a difference, it is most likely the controller that is the problem.

    • Reconnect the controller, making sure you have a tight seal. BE SURE TO ALIGN THE ARROWS before attempting to reconnect! If they are not aligned then you can damage the pins on your motor. 

    • If the controller didn’t have a good connection, this may have fixed the problem.

  • If you’ve found the issue, contact the nearest authorized TravelScoot dealer to order the part(s) you need.

  • If all else fails, contract the TravelScoot dealer near you.

    • By phone or email

    • They may do a Zoom or Facetime call.

  • Send in the controls for testing.
  • The last option would be to send in the scooter to us if you don't feel comfortable removing the controls.


  • Belt-drive scooters are now between 10-20 years old. The good news is that they are a little bit simpler to troubleshoot. Try the following to fix any issues:
  • Generously lubricate the on/off button all around the border. Use a spray to remove any dirt or dust that may be causing some issues. This will take care of 50% of the issues with the scooter.

  • Disconnect the motor from the throttle. Lubricate and reconnect.

  • Replace the Power Circuit Board located inside the throttle (See our video library on our website for detailed instructions).

  • Replace the motor. If all else fails, then the motor may be the culprit. Before you do this, however, you could send the scooter to your authorized TravelScoot dealer to be sure.

  • As of 2023, we no longer provide throttle assemblies for the Belt-drive TravelScoot.

  • Contact your TravelScoot dealer for more info.