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Airports by country that deviate from U.S. regulations


China (all airlines)

China strictly observes a limit of batteries up to 160 Wh plus up to two spares.

Even in the event that travelers have initiated their flight in a country where the 300 Wh battery was permitted, it is quite probable that the battery or batteries will be confiscated by Chinese authorities upon transfer, reboarding, or check-in to China. Even passengers with only a temporary layover in China are subjected to the same scrutinizing security screening. All batteries are removed from the vehicles and thoroughly examined. The passenger then has one month to claim the confiscated battery, but they will still not be able to transport the battery by air and must find a ground transportation service if they want to get it back.

LATAM Airlines

If you travel with your wheelchair with a lithium battery, you can transport it if you use one battery not exceeding 300 Wh or 2 batteries not exceeding 160 Wh each.


Folding mobility scooters using lithium-ion batteries: The lithium-ion battery must be removed from the scooter and transported in the cabin. These batteries shall not exceed 300 Wh in capacity if the mobility device is equipped with one battery. If the device uses two batteries, they shall not exceed 160 Wh each. One additional (spare) battery of up 300Wh, or two additional (spare) batteries up to 160Wh each are permitted, and also must be transported in the cabin. More info


Interestingly, they belong together but have different rules. AF allows 300 Wh batteries but KLM only allows 160 Wh.

Lithium-ion battery powered wheel chairs and other mobility aids for passengers with walking disabilities: Removable batteries with a capacity exceeding 300 Watt-hours (Wh) are not permitted on board the aircraft.

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Air Asia

How can my batteries be taken on board?

The lithium-ion battery capacity cannot exceed 300 Wh for mobility devices using one battery. For devices using two lithium-ion batteries, their individual capacity cannot exceed 160 Wh each.

One additional (spare) battery not exceeding 300 Wh, or two additional (spare) batteries not exceeding 160 Wh each, may be transported in the cabin, and must be placed in a manufacture-sourced battery pouch.

Air Asia Information


IcelandAir has no specific published policy towards transporting the TravelScoot, but here is a recent response from IcelandAir’s special services department.

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