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Have to share how impressed I am with the Scoot. Went on a Disney cruise from NYC to San Juan PR. The Disney Magic has good accessible staterooms and maneuvering the Scoot was relatively easy. I was really impressed with the Scoot in San Juan. We spent two nights there after the cruise at the Sheraton Old San Juan - really nice roll in shower. I was able to ride the Scoot from the hotel to del Morro fort which meant going up steep hills and narrow sidewalks. Riding to and from only used one bar on the battery and the throttle showed fully green. To say that I am impressed is an understatement. -Tony P.

Thanks to TravelScoot I was able to attend my company’s work party! It traversed gravel, inclines and grass (it was at a farm) and did awesomely. I feel like I’m getting my life back. I’m also a user that is around 440 lbs just in case some one is searching for heavier riders reviews in the future. It did great! The battery was fine. And I let my friends all ride it and they had fun too!! - Anna S.

I bought a new TravelScoot Escape in March so I could travel the world while I still can. It has seriously been a game changer. I have taken it to Orlando, Washington DC, Ireland, France, Italy, and England. It can go virtually anywhere, most surfaces, airplanes, or cars. People have flagged me down no matter where I go especially airline pilots. I hope this inspires one person to keep seeing things. Life goes on, it’s just a new way to get around. Pro tip- Travelling with a ts comes with a lot of perks including shorter lines and secrecy entrances. - Drew C.
My battery lasts the entire day at a car show. Also adding the suspension bar, sold by Travelscoot, to my seat has been a game changer. It has absolutely made a big difference in the comfort of my seat. - Gina G.
I am plus size and used my TravelScoot all day at Disney and Universal. The battery life is wonderfully long, and I've never run low. I just make sure I charge it before I go to bed at night. - Karen W.
I got rid of my heavy Pride scooter after I got my TS because this one is so life changing. I don’t have a problem sitting on it all day, but I do try to get up and walk around periodically just to get some movement in. I always bring my charger when I expect to be out all day, just in case, but I’ve never completely run out of juice — even at a place like Disney. I am cautious about shutting the power if I’m sitting still for a while. - Jenny V.
I'm home from my first time traveling with my scoot. I haven't used it much since buying it, as since my hip replacement I need it mainly just for long distances (stenosis). It was a lifesaver on Mackinac Island, where there are no cars and walking or bikes or carriage taxis are the only ways to get around... Many stores were accessible, but getting around within them would be tough, even with off-season crowds. The flights were easy, rode down the jetway and had no problems. We would have missed out on so much without my scoot, not just on Mackinac Island. We spent lots of time meandering down lakeside multi-use trails and boardwalks that would have been impossible on my own. Oh, and by my husband's Fitbit, we did 8.5 miles one day with no battery problem, didn't even get down to 1 light. - Ruth M.
My wife and I just got back from our cruise to the Bahamas. We had an interior cabin, the TravelScoot fit in the cabin and through the doorway with room to spare. Getting around the ship was also very easy. The TravelScoot was a big hit both with the passengers and crew. I even did a Conga Line with it. They recognized those who served in the military and law enforcement, I did both. That was nice of them. - Richard L.
I am claiming the first Travel Scoot circumnavigation of Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. I had the assistance of our son, Matt, and had to dismount two times because of drop offs in the path, to make it around the lake. The path is supposed to be accessible and is, if you pay attention to the signs. We didn't see the signs until the end, but fortunately I never had a fall (by the grace of God and Matt). - Robert M.
Well, that didn’t take long! My first outing on my new travelscoot and I was stopped in the parking lot as I was lowering the handlebars to load it into my suv. A man from two cars over raced over to help lift it in and couldn’t believe it when I easily picked it up and stowed in in the back end next to my rollator. He had a million questions and was fascinated by how light it was and the simplicity of the frame. He said he was a fabricator and you could just see the wheels turning in his head! I think he was going right home to look for a used on online. Then today, I was telling my aunt the story and she couldn’t get off the phone fast enough because she’s interested in one for my cousin who has significant mobility issues. Hope they find it as promising as I have! - Lois M.
Fabricators LOVE Travelscoots. My son referred to it once as a work of art. "Such pretty welding". Photos don't do it justice. - Ruth
They don't need to advertise, that's for sure. As much as I like the enthusiasm over the TravelScoot, it sometimes becomes annoying. I end up apologizing and having to catch up with my group. I just wish people would become more aware when they see people waiting for you, to cut their questions short. - Sherry S.
I use mine year-round here in the UK - it struggles a bit on snow covered slopes, but then so do people who are walking! Generally I find it's fine unless the snow is particularly deep and freshly fallen - most pavements/sidewalks quickly get trodden down, and become passable again. Total range will be a bit smaller with the extra effort and cold temperatures, but to be honest I would end up frozen solid myself before the batteries give up, so it's not really an issue. - R. Banks
When I first needed a device for long days at Disneyland we rented a wheelchair. I hated someone having to push me around. I wanted some independence so I bought a large 4-wheel Drive Daytona off of Craigslist. It was wonderful! Extremely comfortable and responsive, but large and heavy at about 150 lbs. it took 2 men to lift it into our van. I needed something more manageable. After considerable research I purchased the Travelscoot without ever seeing it in person. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made! When my husband became disabled we purchased a 2nd Scoot. They both fit side by side in the back of our Sienna and allow us the independence we cherish. We are careful drivers and riding on the Travelscoot seemed instinctive to me. I love it’s weight, it’s size, and it’s easy maneuverability. I miss the comfort of the large mobility scooter, but Travelscoot’s convenience outweighs the lack of comfort in my estimation. I have tipped over once in the 8 years of riding on my Scoot and it was entirely my fault. I am sensitive to its balance and found that increasing the seat height by a few inches to accommodate a padded seat made me feel less stable. My husband uses that seat now and has no complaints. I do have the seat suspension post. For us the Travelscoot has been a wonderful choice. - Gloria G.
I'll just do a summary based on my 500,000 miles flying with my TS. Drive up to the gate and ask for a tag. You must get a tag/receipt that you can use if it gets misplaced. The airline putting a blue wheelchair tag on is not enough. Preboard, ride your TS to the door of the plane. Remove the battery and put it in your bag to carry on the plane. Lower the handlebars (put on the TS handlebar cover on if you have one, not mandatory), fold the footpegs up, take the backrest off and either take it on the plane with you or invert it and reattach it. (depends on the model). Leave the TS by the jetway door and ask a flight attendant to watch to make sure the ramp guys take it and ask him/her to let you know it's gone before takeoff. Before landing confirm that the TS will be brought to the plane door with the FA. There are a couple of airlines that only take the TS to the top of the jetway and if you can't walk that far insist they get a wheelchair to take you there or try to convince them to bring it to the door. If there is damage to your TS report it to the airline's lost luggage desk. - Peter L.
I’ve just returned from a 10-day solo trip to Cancun for dental work. This is the third trip I’ve taken with my new Travelscoot Escape in the last two months, the others being to Vegas and Philadelphia. The latter was also a solo trip. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my scoot as a travel companion! People at airport baggage claims are routinely amazed by it. I have the optional rear luggage attachment, a simple but insanely useful item. My backpack sits on top of the suitcase with its straps hooked over the seat back. My red carry-on sits below the seat, leaving the front basket for my purse. This arrangement is so stable that I can spin circles on the scoot without losing anything. - Sue K.