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Cruiser vs Escape


Indoor vs Outdoor

To save you some time, here is the main difference between the Cruiser and the Escape; the Cruiser is recommended more for indoor venues and the Escape is for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • The Cruiser is great for cruises, flea markets, shopping, car shows, grocery stores, and any activity that can be done on relatively smooth, flat surfaces like pavement.

  • The Escape is for all activities the Cruiser can do plus outdoor activities such as traversing grass, packed gravel, uneven terrain, and trails.

  • The Escape is better on a cruise if you are using it for port days where you will be traveling on busy city streets. The Cruiser is ideal for transportation on the ship and indoor shopping venues or ports with smooth, flat surfaces.

What’s the same?




  • 151

  • 252

  • 420


  • Throttle

  • forward/reverse switch

  • controller

Braking system

What's different?

  Cruiser Escape
Weight 23 lbs 30 lbs
Max Speed 3 mph 5.2 mph
Motor 100w 200w
Clearance 2" 3"
Brake 1 2
Tire Size (mm) 151x33F 143x32L 143x35R 200x75F 186x70L  186x66R 


The weight difference in the Cruiser comes down to the motor, wheels, and one less brake. 

Max Speed

Due to the smaller motor size in the Cruiser, its maximum speed is 3 mph. The Escape, on the other hand, has a default factory speed of 4.7 mph and can be programmed down to 3 mph or programmed up to 5.2 mph.



The 100w motor assembly in the Cruiser weighs 4.1lbs and the 200w Escape motor 7.23 lbs. This is the biggest contributing factor between the Cruiser and the Escape in terms of weight and performance. Another important difference in the Cruiser is that its motor has double the planetary gears. This was done in order to increase the torque to compensate for the smaller motor. As a result, the motor does make more noise than the Escape.


Another reason we recommend the Escape over the Cruiser for outdoor use is the extra inch of clearance the frame has. The Escape will be able to handle most uneven ground on trails and big-city streets like New York or Chicago. 


The Cruiser is equipped with a single brake while the Escape is equipped with two. If you are on mostly flat surfaces, one brake is more than adequate. Two brakes are perfect if you need to come to a sudden and complete stop or if you are traveling on uneven ground or steeper inclines. Note: band brakes are very effective but we advise putting your feet on the ground when you are stopped on an incline.



Both the Cruiser and the Escape have different tire size combinations for the front, left, and right tires. The Cruiser's tires are thinner than the Escape's, which will make a big difference when you are traveling on grass, gravel, or pathways. All TravelScoot tires consist of solid rubber with adequate tread which will help with better traction on most surfaces.

Which one is best for you?

The Escape: choose the Escape if you want the best all-around ride and freedom to go where you want. It's the second lightest mobility scooter on the market and ideal for just about everyone who wants the ultimate mobility scooter for travel.

The Cruiser: choose the Cruiser if your muscles are extremely weak and you don't want to rely on a caregiver. Usually, people who are advanced in age or illness choose the Cruiser. It's the lightest mobility scooter on the market but its thinner tires, slower speed, and louder motor aren't for everyone. 

Still need help deciding?

If you're still unsure which model to get, we recommend going to the supermarket and finding an item like a bag of cat food or a pack of water bottles that weighs roughly 25 lbs. If you can lift that, then the Escape will be even easier to lift due to the sturdiness of the frame. Also, it won't shift like a bag of cat food will. Remember that it can be reduced to 22.5 lbs easily by removing the front wheel with the push of a button. You can also lift one end of the scooter into your vehicle at a time, reducing the weight even further. If that's still not a possibility, then go with the Cruiser.

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