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TravelScoot Escape

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Frame Weight:
22.5 lbs
4.7 mph
Wheel Size:
2 years
Compatible Batteries:
151, 252, 420
Airline Approved:
151 and 252 only
Warranty Weight Limit:
350 lbs.
Financing available?:
Battery included?:
Yes (specialty options available)
Best for:
Indoor and outdoor adventures
  • TravelScoot 252wh lithium-ion battery for lightweight mobility scooter.
  • 151 wh yellow lithium-ion battery for the TravelScoot.
  • Deluxe seat cushion front view.
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Product Overview

By default, all TravelScoot mobility scooters include the 252 wh battery in the price. The Escape is TravelScoot's most popular model. With its robust wheels, powerful motor, and faster speed, the Escape allows riders to get away from it all. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor venues such as cruises, packed gravel, dirt paths, grass, and uneven terrain. This heirloom scooter is built to last generations. This is an ultra lightweight electric mobility scooter for just about anyone looking to escape their limitations.

Buying a mobility scooter is a big decision. Click below for an in-depth look into our scooters.

What's included?

  • TravelScoot Escape
  • Seat Assembly
    • Backrest
    • Seat
    • Yoke
  • Detachable Footrest
  • Red canvas caddy
  • Storage bag
  • Seat spacer
  • Tool Kit
  • Charger (100-240v) 
  • Your choice of the following batteries:
    • 252
    • 420
    • 151

The TravelScoot's frame and complete seat weigh 30 lbs. combined. Add your choice of lithium-ion battery and the total weight of the scooter ranges from 33-35 lbs.!


Our scooter frames are designed to be the lightest, strongest, and most portable conceivable. All TravelScoot models are made from TIG-welded, heat-treated, aircraft-grade 7005 aluminum. TIG-welding is much stronger, cleaner, and more aesthetically pleasing than the more common MIG welds found on virtually every other mobility scooter made today. Although TIG welding is more costly due to the high level of skill required, you can be confident that when you buy the TravelScoot, you will own the strongest mobility scooter on the market due to its incredible 10:1 strength-to-weight ratio!


The secret to our scooters' strength, in addition to using the best materials and welds, is our one-of-a-kind triangular design. It's quite simple; a triangle is much stronger at sustaining heavy loads than a two-point design since weight is more evenly distributed to the entire area of the scooter frame versus having the entire load supported by nothing but the rear welds on a T-framed scooter. We have many customers weighing over 450 lbs that depend on the TravelScoot daily.This is why our warranty weight limit is the highest you can find among lightweight mobility scooters.


At just 5 lbs., the TravelScoot seat assembly is easy to handle and can be disassembled quickly for those in need of extra cargo space. Although extremely lightweight, the patented yoke is the key to the TravelScoot's stability and strength as the rider's weight is distributed over two bars instead of one.

- Backrest (1.51 lbs.)
- Yoke (1.27 lbs.)
- Seat (3.22 lbs.)


Made of 100% Panasonic cells, housed in either an aluminum case or high-impact Sabic C6600 case with a UL 94-5VB flame rating. These batteries are tough, built to last, and will certainly go the distance. Click here to learn more!


Folded dimensions (inches): Length 29 or 34 (w/front wheel), Width 21.5, Height 10.25. The dimensions of the lightweight TravelScoot mobility scooter are spacious enough to ensure a comfortable ride but compact enough to fit cruise ship doors. It can be folded up for easy carry while keeping everything together; perfect for just about any trip. With a mobility scooter as light and compact as the TravelScoot, airport baggage handlers will love you! Note: Both the Escape and Cruiser share the same dimensions. Although the wheel and motor size differ, the frame is the same.


Our direct-drive hub motor performs substantially better than its competition in two ways. First, it utilizes a rear-wheel-drive system. Due to the rider's weight being positioned over the drive wheel, the tire has a much better purchase on whatever terrain the rider is traveling over. Front-wheel drive will often spin-out when traveling over uneven terrain or inclines. Second, with the hub motor situated inside the left-rear tire, it is protected from costly damage that occurs primarily to the front wheel. Damage to the front wheel may cost you a new motor, controller, wheel, and fork, in addition to the labor. Not so with the TravelScoot!


The TravelScoot comes with the upgraded wide front wheel which improves overall performance while traversing uneven or rough terrain. Our wide front wheel will greatly help with navigation through older streets that are not well maintained. If the front wheel gets damaged, don't worry. It can be easily swapped out with the click of a button at a fraction of the cost to repair and replace a front-wheel drive-motor. 

Solid rubber tires mean no more flats! No matter the terrain you are traveling over, you'll never have to worry about the tires. TravelScoot's tires are also wider than its competitors to make traveling on rough terrain easier. Traversing grass, hard-packed gravel, and uneven ground is now doable.

Tire sizes

Front 7.87 x 2.95

Left 7.32 x 2.75

Right 7.32 x 2.6


All current TravelScoot models have forward and reverse. Backup speed is going to be lower for all those tights spots that you may find yourself in such as elevators, dressing rooms, small restrooms, etc. This will provide you with unsurpassed maneuverability.


The controls are simple to use. You don't need to push multiple buttons to get the speed you want. Just turn the scooter on and engage the twist-grip throttle to accelerate as needed. The speed of the Escape is 4.7 mph by default (can be lowered to 3.2 or raised to 5.2 mph) Whether at the car show, exploring nature trails, or touring the city, you can go the speed you need.


Arguably the best feature on the TravelScoot is the locking mechanism. With the new folding design, the TravelScoot will collapse with just a single click of the locking pin. To fold, simply remove the seat by disengaging the quick-release clamp then press the locking pin. All this can be done in mere seconds! Combined with its ultra-light weight and hassle-free folding mechanism, you can load the TravelScoot into your vehicle and be on your way in no time flat.


Everyone has different mobility needs. Some people can't lift their legs over a bar, some can. Some need to straddle the seat, and others just need to sit down and position themselves to get comfortable. Whatever your needs, we have the seat for you. With our adjustable seat, you can easily remove the backrest with a push of a button, swivel the seat, adjust the height of the cushions, and get the right support you need for your back.


Simply rotate the seat to facilitate getting on and off by releasing an easy-to-use lever clamp. You can adjust the clamp tension to suit your hand strength.  Also included with every TravelScoot is an aluminum seat spacer which helps maintain seat height when the clamp is released.


The compact TravelScoot backrest gives you the support you need where you need it the most. Just use the provided Allen wrench to adjust the backrest cushion to your preferred comfort level, whether you need support mid-back, your lower lumbar region, or anywhere in between.


  • Made with premium 7005 aircraft grade aluminum 
  • Fold and load time is less than 1 minute
  • 22.5 lb frame
  • 2.5 lb front wheel
  • 5 lb. seat assembly
  • Forward/Reverse selector
  • Adjustable backrest 
  • Swivel Seat
  • Rear-wheel drive 
  • Single-pin folding mechanism
  • Single lever clamp for easy disasembly
  • Superior-strength TIG welding
  • Seat Spacer

Additional battery info: (mileage depends on rider weight and terrain)

  • 151wh (3 lbs, 5-8 miles per charge)
  • 252wh (3.5 lbs, 8-15 miles per charge)
  • 420wh (5.5 lbs, 13-22 miles per charge

Dimensions (inches)


  • Length 36.5
  • Width 21.5
  • Maximum Unfolded Height 
    • Handlebars 33
    • Seat 20
    • Backrest 34


  • Length 29 or 34 (w/ front wheel)
  • Width 21.5
  • Height 10.25

Please allow up to 10 days for delivery (average delivery from coast to coast is 5 business days).

Escape details

Sizes (for individuals 6'1 and over, we recommend the Extension Kit).

Battery Details

Inquire about a test drive

Owner's Manual


Warranty Information

EXPRESS WARRANTY: Each TravelScoot is covered by our 2-year warranty starting from the delivery date. The warranty does not cover normal wear-and-tear or use by persons weighing more than 350 lbs. This limited warranty is the sole warranty for the TravelScoot. The only uses for the TravelScoot are described in the manual. WARRANTY TERMS: The limited warranty extends only to the original owner and is not transferable. This limited warranty covers all parts of the TravelScoot and is effective under the following conditions: The product is completely and correctly assembled. The product is used under normal conditions and for its intended purpose. The product receives all necessary maintenance and adjustments. The TravelScoot electric mobility scooter is designed for general transportation and recreational use only. This limited warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, normal maintenance items, nor any damage, failure, or loss caused by improper assembly, maintenance, adjustment, storage, or use of the TravelScoot. This limited warranty is void if the product is ever (a) used in any manner contrary to the instructions in the Owner’s Manual, (b) modified in any way, (c) ridden by more than one person at a time, (d) the unit is used for commercial purposes (rental, public use, etc.), (e) or operated with a battery or charger not supplied by TravelScoot. TravelScoot USA Inc. is not liable for incidental or consequential loss nor damage, due directly or indirectly, from the use of this product. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this may not apply to you. The TravelScoot is warranted for two years from the date of delivery. The manufacturer will replace, without charge to you, any component found to be defective within the warranty period. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from State to State. BATTERY WARRANTY: Full replacement for the first 12 months. Afterwards, the customer pays 8.33% of the new price value for each of the 12 months remaining thereafter. TravelScoot USA Inc. will pay for warranty-related shipping within the first 60 days after delivery of the original purchase, provided the return shipment is packed in the original packaging. We strongly recommend that you retain the original shipping box for the TravelScoot at least for the duration of the warranty period. BALANCE: The TravelScoot was designed for individuals who can walk unaided but experience walking and/or standing fatigue or discomfort. As a three-wheeled device, it is expected that riders are able to sit upright and maneuver around corners at safe speeds. Acceleration into corners, turning at high speeds, or turning on steep inclines may cause the TravelScoot to tip over. If this occurs, riders should be able to put their feet down to steady the scooter. If you are unable to do any of the actions above safely, the TravelScoot may not be right for you. BRAKES: The TravelScoot is equipped with one or two hand brakes and does not have automatic safety brakes. Customers should possess a moderate level of hand strength to use the brakes. INCLINES: RETURN POLICY: The TravelScoot handles inclines better than any mobility scooter in its class. It is necessary that when approaching an incline that the rider leans forward initially as to avoid tipping backwards. All returns must be made within 14 days of delivery and only in "new" condition in the original packaging. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs* including incidental shipping damage caused by improper packing. All returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee. *Returns on scooters will be assessed a $100 return charge. This return policy takes effect once an order has been processed and shipped (creation of a shipping label or pick-up order constitutes shipping). Separately or additionally purchased batteries cannot be returned individually for a refund unless included in an order including a scooter.

Product Videos


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  • 5
    Great Little Scooter

    Posted by T. Whittaker on 14th Sep 2023

    Love this scooter. We did a lot of research before we pulled the trigger on this one but I have to say, we are so thankful we did. The Escape seat is okay but we recommend the Deluxe seat. It is very comfortable. The customer service is second to none. You actually get someone that answers the phone and takes care of you. They even offered to do a Facetime or Zoom call if we needed to. I don't know of any other company that does this. This purchase has changed our lives.

  • 2
    Own an Escape

    Posted by Lyle Long on 14th Sep 2023

    Looks like a smart design and it is but the detail execution is failing. I had the electronics controller fail early on. It was a hassle to change for someone with a fatiguing medical condition. The seats are terrible. I bought the bigger deluxe seat and it is falling apart. It is uncomfortable if you have to sit on it for extended periods. The screws constantly come loose in the seat base too. The brakes are mediocre. Not powerful enough given the amount of physical effort to get them working in incline situations. The right hand 1/2 grip throttle sucks. It should be a full grip. I have another brand with a full grip like a motorcycle and it is much more comfortable. Lastly, the customer service is not good. Yes, the escape is light weight and plenty powerful but for $3k, the detail execution is lacking. If you VOICE your displeasure about these things, the company will respond with crickets. I’ve flown with the TS. The battery connector is another weak joke. It’s not well thought out. I’ve cruised with the TS too. It works fine but you are constantly aware of it’s design faults. I took one star for the lack of custom support, one star for the terrible seats and one star for the lack of execution.

  • 5
    My mobility issues aren't holding me back anymore

    Posted by Jen on 14th Sep 2023

    I'd rented mobility scooters twice when traveling, and finally realized that at home I was doing nothing but going to work and straight home because walking (even with a cane) put me in so much pain. I wanted my life back. I researched EXTENSIVELY. The travelscoot enables me to travel independently. I've flown within the US and internationally multiple times. I've used my travelscoot at conventions, Disneyworld, and at LARP (live action roleplaying) events held at summer camp sites. It handles uneven summer camp trails incredibly well! It even managed the hills of Atlanta at DragonCon! It folds down small enough that I never worry about being able to find a Lyft, Uber, Grab, or Taxi. It fits easily in my Prius prime. At the Singapore Zoo, I was able to fold it down enough for it to go with the strollers on the back of the tram. More than once, when elevators were broken, my husband has carried it for me up or down stairs or escalators.

  • 5
    Travelscoot Escape

    Posted by Joy Riley on 13th Sep 2023

    I have had MS for many years (1995) and it took me a while to accept that I needed some help to enhance the mobility in my life, I can walk short distances but it's very restricting when you want to do all the things you used to do, like shopping centres, parks, holidays without having to worry about if you would be able to manage even the walk accross the car park. Once I accepted a scooter was the answer, I did a lot of research and shopping around, I tested a number of scooters but all were too cumbersome and more importantly too heavy for me to be able to manage by myself when I need to. Then I found Travelscoot and was totally amazed at how light and how agile it was, of course I purchased it. What a game changed it has been for me totally transforming my (and my partners) life. I'm no longer restricted by distances, I can park where I like, not having to worry about getting close to the stores. I've taken it on buses, ferries, planes, trains, overnight trains, cruise ships and it folds and fits nicely into the back of my car. I cannot fully explain how this small machine has totally transformed my life for the better. Thank you Travelscoot. Joy

  • 4

    Posted by TN on 13th Sep 2023

    It's lightweight and easy to get in and out of our compact hatchback. We've never run out of battery yet. Easy to fold down and unfold. I absolutely LOVE all the YouTube videos on how to maintain and repair it. Those and the fact that they keep parts in stock for all models and their customer service were large factors in deciding to buy a TravelScoot. It increased my wife's ability to go places and has been a GODSEND after her stroke. And it holds me, too, when she doesn't need it. Note that the seat is a bit uncomfortable for long term sitting. Also be careful going around corners (slow down!) and down curb cuts. Go down curb cuts head on, not at an angle. I'd buy another one for me if we could afford two!

  • 5
    I've gained my independence

    Posted by Suzanne Stone on 13th Sep 2023

    I love this scooter! It's so lightweight, it allows me to do the things I never could before. I haven't felt this good in a long time. It's a little faster than I thought, but I'm getting used to it. The videos that TravelScoot puts out are so great too. I'm so glad that I made this investment and got a scooter that will last longer than I will. I've had a number of TravelScoots dating back to 2004 and the changes they made to the Escape are amazing. It folds easier and is even lighter than before.

  • 5
    Absolutely amazing scooter

    Posted by Craig L. on 13th Sep 2023

    We've tried the Atto (cool looking but heavy and uncomfortable seat), the SmartScoot (clunky and has front-wheel drive). and a slew of others (all way too heavy). The Escape just looks awesome and doesn't look like your grandpa's mobility scooter. We get so many compliments and people stopping us to ask about it. Use the cards for the referral rewards. The TravelScoots are so easy to fold and breakdown because the lever clamp system is very simple. I should not have waited so long to buy one. Worth every penny!

  • 5
    Escape Scooter

    Posted by Randy Taylor on 28th Aug 2023

    This is my second TravelScoot - did an upgrade from the belt drive to this Escape - the folding and the bakes are much better - the red bag is smaller - the seat is better will last longer - the wires to plug in the battery are a little shorter so it is harder to plug in and out, wish the connector would angle up.

  • 5
    Scooter Performance

    Posted by James Hennessey on 27th Aug 2023

    I have nothing but praise for this product! It is not only super portable (will fit in the trunk of any car), but it doesn't have that "Medical" look that makes people assume that you have a serious mobility problem.

  • 5
    So convenient and portable

    Posted by V. Wright on 17th Aug 2023

    After reading the reviews and watching all the videos about the little escape, I decided to purchase one. The weight was really the deciding factor for me as all the other scooters were so much heavier. After receiving it, I was even more pleasantly surprised at the construction and the workmanship. The customer service is excellent, friendly and accommodating. The packaging for shipment was done so well, upon opening I found nothing was damaged or even moved during the shipping. I highly recommend this scooter especially for its convenience and durability. Rock On Travelscoot!

  • 4
    Travel Scoot I love it but…

    Posted by Chris on 15th Aug 2023

    I’m not a very heavy or tall person. I’m only 5’4” and I have bad knees. I find it a bit difficult to swivel the seat to the front after I’ve sat on it (turned sideways) without hitting my knees on the steering column. Wish there was a way to extend the base from front to back a bit or an upgrade to get a model with more clearance. I also found initially, a very light touch on the accelerator needs to be practiced as it has a lot of speed from stand-still. This scooter is new to me and I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I am practicing with it in my driveway a lot so to adjust my touch. I am used to the rentable mobility scooters that have a dial to set the acceleration from “turtle” to “rabbit”. ?. I love that I can lift it into the back of my CRV by myself. This will be a life changer for me!

  • 5
    Couldn't be Happier!

    Posted by Terrie Gaughan on 19th Jul 2023

    I hesitated to pay the price for this scooter because I own a scooter rental company and have a garage with, well, many scooters of every size. From the small travel 3-wheel to the heavy duty 4 wheel. I have a variety to choose from. Unfortunately, I cannot pick any of them up by myself. This one arrived and I had to wait for a replacement seat. During those couple of days I used one of my other scooters. Although I had only used it one day, I really missed this scooter. I ended up putting a temporary seat on the scooter so I could still use it. I still think it is expensive, but I see the value. Being able to lift it by myself, fit it into the back of any car I'm riding in, park it in small spaces, and carry myself, my service dog, and a bunch of groceries has a great deal of value. I don't think it is the right scooter for everyone, but for me it is perfect. I like the power going up hills and even the hand brakes are growing on me. I would definitely recommend this scooter.